Monday, June 15, 2009

My Lucky Day

"You're a lucky woman," says Hubby tonight, serious as can be. "I got up this morning and went all day without a shower. I even have the same clothes on as yesterday!"

How many women are considered lucky to have a husband who has been sweating over a remodel all day, having not showered in 36 hours, and smelling like it??  

Yes, that's me.  My husband is obsessive about his morning shower. One morning when I was in the middle of pancakes and needed him to run to the store, he refused to go until he'd spent his 45 minutes in the bathroom.  Really?

Last night, the kids had gone to sleep at my parents' house before we got back from our day trip, and we crashed there as well.  He got up this morning and went straight to the new house to get some outside tasks completed before the predicted storm came through.  Apparently he never found time to wash the stink off!  

If only more days were like today... 

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Marie said...

What a sweetie pie!