Monday, June 15, 2009

Life Preserver, Courtesy of God

God's been working over time on me lately!  Here are a few of His not-so-subtle thumbprints in my life.

1.  After my blog entry about being planted in my hometown last Wednesday, He reminded me that I already know the blessings of being here.  I had the more horrible in-law weekend of my 4 years in the family.  Yes, God, I am now reminded that 4 hours away is much safer than the 2 hours that would be between us were we to move.

2.  I mentioned this one in my Daybook this morning, but yesterday God sent the EXACT person I'd been wanting- needing- to see!  My husband and I had left for In-Law Land, and during the drive, we got a phone call that made us realize this was not going to be a pleasant trip.  I spent the next 3 hours being truly afraid that the ENTIRE extended family thought our parenting was horrible, that we were awful for wanting to keep certain lifestyles out of our own life and the lives of my children.  I was pretty sure (ok, I was really only praying) that my aunt and uncle-in-law would understand and agree with the decision that the rest of the family was apparently angered by, but they weren't on our list of family to see.  I kept thinking, I just want to see them, because I know that Uncle M would make my husband feel more sure of standing his ground.  Me?  I just wanted to know that someone in the family loved and supported me!  

We stopped by Wal-Mart to make a couple photo prints to deliver during our visit, and as we were walking back to the van, Aunt D was walking up the same isle in the Super Wal-Mart parking lot.  My husband gave her a good 10 second, "I really needed this" type of hug, and I just stood in amazement of His answer to my prayer.  As family's go, she knew all the details of the drama, and by the end of the mini conversation, I was feeling much more at peace and ready to head into the storm that was in front of us.  It's funny, because while we were parking, I had wondered why in the world my husband had chosen a spot so close to the edge of the parking lot when there were plenty of spots in the isles closer to the entrance.  We also would have missed seeing her had the automatic printer been cooperating.  Instead, the employee almost insisted that we put our order through one hour and pushed it to the top of his list.  I'm quite sure he was Heaven sent.  

After this weekend, I have a renewed peace.  It's ironic, because life around us, at the moment, is sort of in shambles.  Somehow, though, God has kept my family in a life preserver, floating safely in the midst of all the waves.  


Mrs. Haid said...

How amazing it is when circumstances just happen for our benefit and its only AFTER that we look back on them and say, "It was a God thing!".

I really hope that one day we get to see a movie of our lives and God reveals all the other times he worked unbeknowst to us. I think it would be a really, really amazing experience.

It could also be a really cool Hollywood movie... if you are in need of a screenplay to write!

Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

How great is our God! Isn't it just so awesome how He speaks to us in the most unexpected ways and just calms us. I loved reading this post and am so glad that God has blessed you and your family so much!