Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Last Bit of Sweetness at Jilly's Cupcake Bar

For our last hurrah before sending my Sweetness off to her father's for the summer, a friend of mine and I shared an afternoon with our girls.  Jilly's Cupcake Bar was our first stop.  What a treat!  A darling atmosphere, gigantic cupcakes, and swivel chairs made our treat extra special.  

The rest of the day was filled with a trip to Build-A-Bear to create twin bears, a stop at Uno's where the girls made their own pizzas, and a visit to Borders- a treat for all of us!

Day's like this don't make sending my kiddo off any easier for me, but getting to spend a day focussing on just her- without the interjections of younger siblings- is something that I'll miss until she's home to take on another mother-daughter day.

For 5 years, it was just her and I.  We palled around together and had each other's undivided attention any time we wanted.  Keeping that mother-daughter closeness has been a huge priority since remarrying.  I know that someday, sooner than I can imagine, she's going to be shutting herself in her room, preferring the phone or a journal to her mother's ear.  

But here's my theory.  Raising my kids is a lot like dating.  Dating is supposed to create a plethora of fun and happy memories, memories that can be looked back upon when marriage gets tough, memories that give you an idea of what was and what will be again.  My hope is that I can create tons of fun and meaningful moments with my daughter so that she (and I) can look back on them as the teen years tear at our closeness and look forward to the time when we'll once again share secrets, advice, and knowing winks with each other.

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Marie said...

I know how hard it is to send her off to her dad's (((hugs))) My oldest son had a different father than his 4 siblings and I always hated sending him to his dad's. I suppose there was a little part of me that was always afraid he wouldn't want to come back. He always did though. We are very close and always will be. I love my son to bits!