Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Country Radio: Molding Young Minds Three Minutes at a Time

I used to think  that country music was child friendly, that I could turn on a country radio station and not worry about my children's little, impressionable minds.  For the past couple years, the minivan's radio is largely tuned to Christian or talk radio.  When I gave up my regular country station, Rascal Flat's first album, "Getting Better All The Time" was popular (and still is in THIS home)!  

Today I spent several hours alone painting the new house.  The clearest station I could tune to from the middle of nowhere was our local country station.  Don't get me wrong, I still love country music.  My I-Tunes list is largely country or Christian, and my I-Pod is saturated with up-beat country music to run to.  HOWEVER... I was very happy that my ears were the only ones that heard the new country hits today!  Several of the songs were about one-night-stands, a couple centered around alcohol addictions, and still others were sounds about women pining away for jerky lovers.  

A couple of the songs I remember from today:

"There is no Arizona" Jamie O'Neal
"I'm just talking about tonight" Toby Keith (I could do a whole post on him!)

I'm not sure if I'm just more aware of content now that my kids are getting older or if my normal Christian radio sets a higher standard when it comes to lyrics, but I DO NOT plan to start tuning into country radio regularly any time soon!  

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Marie said...

I have always loved country music as well. We don't get much of it over here, so I can't really comment on the standard of today's country music, but clearly it's not something that I would let my kids listen to if I had a choice!