Saturday, May 2, 2009

War Wounds

6 hours, 42 dollars, and 14 loads later, I'm free from the shackles that bind me!  On the war field (laundry mat) the warriors paid a price for sure!  The enemies plowed through the smallest fighter, leaving a cut on her eyebrow that sent Grandma speeding with Neosporin and Band-Aids.  Her fight was brave; her reward was a nap at Grandma's.  Her attacker was punished with the same-- a nap at Grandma's.  And the struggle against grass stains, dirt and smelly clothes waged on, long into the afternoon.  In the end, the troops were victorious!  The wounded were released from the infirmary; the prisoners were freed.  The hallways that were once invaded by dirty shirts and smelly socks had been reclaimed, and the bright gleam of the wood floors of the kingdom shone once again!

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StumblingServant said...

I'm not sure if I found this amusing, disgusting, or the resemblance to our childhood days scary . . . lol