Monday, May 18, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday: May 19th

Tackle It Tuesday Meme
You all thought I was going to break my streak, didn't you? In all honesty, I was wondering if I'd get a chance to tackle today as well! But when I put my son into the tub tonight post-ice cream, I realized that some tackles can't be put off until tomorrow!

Before: Now, finding a way to fit five people's toiletries into this tiny bathroom AND keep it put away is next to impossible.  To cope with a one bathroom house with no linen closet to speak of, I've lived the last 4 years as a minimalist when it comes to beauty products.  I keep one bottle of nail polish at a time, share lotion with the babies, have only one towel per person under our roof... you get the picture!  The past few days have been a little crazy around here, and we've been on the go almost constantly.  All the running around has allowed me to miss the storm that was brewing behind the bathroom door!  

So while my son lost his coat of melted ice cream to the suds, I got to work!

After: Viola!  Not too bad- normally there would be a shelf full of folded towels above the toilet, but the laundry's lagging behind a bit... And THAT is a tackle for another day!

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Ashley said...

I never realized that we had the same shower curtain...!!!