Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook: May 18th

For Today... May 18th, 2009

Outside my window... There is so much green this morning! My laboring over the weekend turned our ankle length weeds into a dark, lush carpet of grass. The grass is met with the leaves from the oaks and dogwoods that block the blue morning sky almost completely. Only bits of the sky beyond peek through the spaces in the leaves.

I am thinking... that life never truly seems to slow down. It's probably my fault, definitely my fault. I see my schedule about to free up and view it as an opportunity to do something else I've been wanting to do. I think this is something I should change about myself.

I am thankful for... my son's good behavior. I've had only 2 near tantrums since Daddy left 10 days ago. Only 7 days until he's home again!

From the kitchen... A trip to Costco Friday means that the kitchen is teaming with produce. We're looking at salads topped with blueberries for lunch this week.

I am wearing... Jeans, pink Old Navy flip flops, a blue tunic length top, and a messy bun.

I am reading... I've been researching Ft. Sumter online in preparation for our South Carolina trip. We're leaving a day early so that we can experience Charleston before we relax on the beach. I'm reading the Addy American Girl series with my eldest daughter in the hopes of bringing the Civil War into an 8 year old's perspective before the trip.

I am hoping... To get everything finished this week. There is A LOT to do!

I am creating... Over the weekend, my mom and I spent an evening together sewing matching ocean print aprons for my kids. Each of the 7 families in our beach house will take a turn serving dinner for the rest of the crew, so this was step one of my attempt to make the experience fun for my family. What's cuter than an 18 month old toddling around in an apron just like the rest of us?!?

I am praying... So many of my family and friends are battling truly miserable situations and diseases right now. I'm praying for each of them, that God will renew their spirits and that they will find peace in Him. I'm also praying a prayer of thanksgiving for the lull in chaos that I seem to have at this moment in my life.

Around the house... Lots of clean laundry to put away today!

One of my favorite things... You'd think I was pregnant (I'm not!) with how often I've been craving lemon lately. Lemon poppyseed muffins, lemon cake, lemon cookie sandwiches, lemonade. (I've only indulged myself in lemon dessert once! Good for me!)There's something about summer being around the corner that makes citrus sound delicious!

A few plans for the rest of the week... Wrap up Home and School Association (PTA) duties, prepare for shower, hit the tanning beds for the first time in 7 years in an attempt to escape a sunburn at the beach.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you... Going to the beach that we've gone to since I was born feels like going home in a lot of ways. This is a picture from our last trip there- 4 years and 2 kids ago.

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Holly Rutchik said...

I'm making an apron for my 18 month old as well! Such a GREAT idea to have everyone take a turn at servicing the family while on vacation!
This is such a great daybook! I see the joy through the everyday stresses. God bless!

Marie said...

Great day book entry! Love the picture of you with your family at the beach.