Sunday, May 10, 2009



Lord, help me to control my anger and impatience tonight.  Help me to be a soldier for Your glory.  Grant me the wisdom to recognize the difference between the small things in life and the big; sometimes it is so difficult to tell.  Lord, I know that some people have very good hearts and intentions.  Let me constantly give the benefit of the doubt to those who I struggle to see their righteous intentions.  If it be your will, calm my mother's instinct.  Let me rest in knowing that you will not give me more than I can bear, that I've born more than this in my life here on Earth.  I turn to you, O God, and place this tired, angered heart in Your hands that it may be healed and filled with your grace.  



O holy protectress of those who art in greatest need, thou who shineth as a star of hope in the midst of darkness, blessed Saint Rita, bright mirror of God's grace, in patience and fortitude thou art a model of all the states in life. I unite my will with the will of God through the merits of my Savior Jesus Christ, and in particular through his patient wearing of the crown of thorns, which with tender devotion thou didst daily contemplate. Through the merits of the holy Virgin Mary and thine own graces and virtues, I ask thee to obtain my earnest petition, provided it be for the greater glory of God and my own sanctification. Guide and purify my intention, O holy protectress and advocate, so that I may obtain the pardon of all my sins and the grace to persevere daily, as thou didst in walking with courage, generosity, and fidelity down the path of life.

Saint Rita, advocate of the impossible, pray for us.  
Saint Rita, advocate of the helpless, pray for us. 

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