Sunday, May 10, 2009

Open to Suggestions

I need a book on raising boys!  With Hubby gone for two weeks for the military, I'm honestly terrified of not having him to fall back on in reprimanding my son.  I'm notorious for saying things like, "Do we need to call your Daddy?"  "Would you want Daddy to know you were acting like this?" or "Daddy's going to be home soon, so you'd better behave."  

It's not that I don't stay on the kid; I do.  I just feel useless and helpless and lost while I'm plowing through the current fit or misbehavior.  He's gotten better in the past week or two, but his tendency to lash out at me physically escalates when Daddy has to be away for extended periods of time.  Add the fact that we're wading through the last 2 weeks of school with as many final tests and projects for my third grader as I had my freshman year of high school (don't get me started!), and the next couple weeks could be a disaster! 

The bright side?  I get three blessings at the end of this: 1. Summer Break!  2. Hubby comes home and 3.  Family Vacation (our first since the summer we got married!)  

So back to my original purpose to this post- do any of you moms have a suggestion for a book about raising boys- Christian or just conservative and traditional?  There has to be a way to tame the testosterone without feminizing him, right?? 

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Marie said...

Here's a good book that's good for raising children, plain and simple. Parenting isn't for Cowards, by Dr. James Dobson Actually if you follow this link, you'll find lots of books on raising children, some specifically geared towards boys.