Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Once Upon a Time... Wedding Memories

Four years ago, I was sitting in this very room spending the night before my wedding with my dear bridesmaids.  There were so many reasons to be nervous, worried, scared... but that night I felt so at ease, so sure that my life was about to become this amazingly strong alliance between my God, my husband, and myself.  Planning our wedding was fun, and I loved making everything so personal, but my excitement came from knowing that I was about to be surrounded by those who had influenced my fiancee and I throughout our lives as we joined as one.  

There were so many moments that God created in our wedding day.  My husband's closest cousin and life long friend, Scott, had passed away; we displayed his picture beside the groomsmen's pew.  His little sister was one of our three candle lighters.  I'm not sure that she would have even noticed that we were missing Scott that day were it not for her happening to take the window sill candles.  She was so touched, and though she cried a little when she saw her brother's picture before her, I believe it was as much a gift for Miranda as it was a comfort for my husband that day.

We took so much care planning or Mass.  Both my sister's sang.  Our readings, prayers, and petitions praised our God and begged blessings for our life together.  We were so blessed to kneel before the altar together, surrounded by a church full of loved ones praying for us and surrounded by His mercy, grace, and love.  What better way could we have asked to begin our marriage...

I distinctly remember hanging on to that hand, in awe of the man that God had intended me to be one with, amazed at what He had led us both through to be ready for each other.  

And then I found myself married to this crazy, fantastic man!  I knew that, no matter what, he would always be able to make me smile, laugh, and be comforted knowing that he is as committed to me as I to him.

Our wedding part was extensive!  Six bridesmaids and groomsmen, three candle lighters, my daughter the miniature bride, four flower girls, two ushers, and one ring bearer.  Some people would find this excessive, but we truly wanted each person in our wedding to have a special role in our day.  My bridesmaids were my two sisters, two cousins, and two life long friends.  The groomsmen were fraternity brothers, my brother, and a high school friend.  My brothers-in-law served as our ushers, and our young cousins made up the rest of the party.

Our wedding cake was amazing, perfect really.  My aunt made it for us based on a picture I'd found.  She was so very nervous that the cake would topple at any moment.  This was before I took up cake decorating myself, so I didn't understand her concern.  Boy, do I now!  The cake held up beautifully!

The decor of our wedding was so personal!  We ordered roses wholesale from Ecuador so that we could afford the amount I wanted.  We collected wedding pictures from our married guests and displayed them at the bases of our centerpieces amidst quotes and verses about love and marriage.  I so enjoyed watching our guests wander around the tables laughing at wedding shots from the 1970's, smiling at the ones from the 1920's.  

We were so lucky to be surrounded by so many people who love and support us.  We are still lucky to be surrounded by such extensive, through-thick-and-thin family!

And then we were off to start our life together!  We had big plans... have children in a few years, conquer the world, move somewhere exciting... Life certainly hasn't been what we've expected in the last four years.  We thought we'd just  now be getting around to creating a bundle of joy, certainly not entertaining the idea of a third for us and fourth for our family.  We thought we'd be living in the suburbs, certainly not getting ready to settle into my grandparents' home for the next ten years of longer.  I, for one, never imagined to live through four years of marriage and have NO complaints or heartaches.  Don't get me wrong, we've had our issues to work though, but those were issues outside of ourselves. Those were personal dilemmas, issues with other individuals.  I never believed that marriage could be this... happy.  I've lived the best four years of my life in this too-small-for-us house with my crazy husband and our silly kids.  

PS- Happy Anniversary to you and yours, Mrs. Haid!


Marie said...

What a beautiful wedding you had. I Loved reading about it and seeing all the photos. Congrats on four happy years! May there be many, many more to come!

Tina said...

:) happy anniversary and have fun next week, i will miss you!

Molly said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I was so happy to be apart of your special day. I will NEVER forget how gorgeous you were and what a blessing it was to see that smile on your face that day :)

Dido to will miss you ;) Have a great time!!! Lots of Love always!