Monday, May 4, 2009

Next Year...

A few days ago, God threw me for a loop on my decision to remove my daughter from her parochial school, but the past few days have reassured me that we will be no worse off in her new school in the fall.  

Next year, I hope to have an understanding of classroom assignments, preferably by use of a scoring guide.  This year, we've gotten lots of "write a story." assignments and then have lost points for not doing what the teacher expected.  I hope to understand the teacher's expectations next year.

Next year, I hope to have organization in the classroom.  A routine for submitting assignments, a schedule for regular assignments (like spelling tests or journals).

Next year, I hope to have a teacher who does not compare my daughter to her D student son.  I hope to have a teacher who believes that my daughter can do her best... or at least makes me believe that she believes it.  

Next year, I hope that my daughter's weakened confidence in her academic abilities is magically restored.  I hope that she has a teacher who understands the struggles of this school year and takes a heartfelt interest in scheming with me to re-inspire my daughter's love of school and learning.

Next year, I hope, it not too late.  I hope that I don't regret sticking it out where we were this year.  I hope that I don't find myself wishing I would have pulled her out after Christmas.

Next year, I hope to realize that this year was only one isolated circumstance and does not reflect what the next 9 years of schooling will be like for us.

Next year I hope my daughter has a teacher who does not find it impressive or worthwhile to take 45 minutes out of her lessons to "work out the problems" of the girls in her classroom.

Next year, I hope to be reassured that I properly discerned God's will for my daughter's education even though it means that I am removing her from her religious school.  I hope that she is able to bring the invaluable knowledge of her religion and live as an example for those who may not have been introduced to Christ.

Next year... 


Holly Rutchik said...

I will pray for you and your daughter. I too had a bad educational experience growing up. The teacher makes such a huge impact. However, your desire for your daughter to love learning will not be lost, she will love it because you have taught her too! Also, you have prayer to help you through. God bless you and your daughter.

Marie said...

I think it's so sad when a child has a negative learning experience such as that. It can turn a child off of school for life. Saying prayers that this is not the case. My youngest son had a very bad experience with one teacher in his early years of school and ended up having to repeat a grade. Thankfully the second time around in Grade 2 he had another teacher.