Sunday, May 17, 2009

Child-Proof Cake Decorating

Finally, a cake that can be made ahead of time with no fear of little fingers digging in for a taste!

Diaper Cake


A round board to set the cake on



LOTS OF DIAPERS (about 30-50 for each cake)

The first cake method uses less diapers (about 30) and much less time!  Begin by rolling two diapers around themselves creating a swirl or spiral:

Continue wrapping diapers around the outside edge of the spiral until the diameter reaches the desired width.  (This cake is approximately 9" wide.) If it becomes difficult to keep the diapers wound tightly, simply tie a piece of ribbon around the bundle and continue wrapping.

Repeat for the middle and top layer, decreasing the diameter for each layer.  Stack the layers according to size, and add decorations.  Consider adding baby gear such as rattles and pacifiers throughout the layers or keep it simple and opt with a single topper.

The second method requires considerably more diapers (about 50) but creates a cleaner design. To begin, roll each diaper and tie a piece of ribbon around it:

Arrange the base layer of diapers on the board by standing them on end.  Tie a ribbon securely around the group when it reaches the desired diameter. 

Repeat for middle and top tiers, decreasing the diameter for each.  Stack the layers and decorate!


Marie said...

What a great idea! Thanks so much for the tutorial!

Molly said...

Love how they turned out :) yay!!!!