Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yes you do!

My preschooler has taken to asking questions like most kids his age.  Sometimes I'm distracted or at my question limit, so I default to, "I don't know."  I know, I'm horrible.  Little Mister's response to that is always an indignant, "YES YOU DO!"  Then I snap to it and see if I do, in fact, know the answer.  Sometimes I do- to questions like, "Where are we going?" Sometimes I don't have an answer, like when he's asking, "What's that man's name in the blue truck?"  Last night while we were waiting for big sister's gymnastics class to let out, the questioning took a different turn.

Him: Mommy, who built this building?

Me: I don't know.


Me: Who built this building?

Him: You tell me.

Me:  You tell me.

Him: A builder guy

Me: A builder guy?

Him:  Yes.  A builder guy "Alfred." *giggle, giggle, giggle...

My son is so much fun!  I hope all parents make it a point to take in the moments of silliness with their children.  Too often, our cell phones are smashed to our ears and our to do lists take priority over playtime with our kids.  I think it would be great to take one day a week and not make or take a phone call.  It's unheard of these days to be unavailable for a 24 hour period, isn't it?  The sad thing is that while we're busy being available for the rest of the world, our kids get the short end of the stick.  When we make ourselves unavailable to acquaintances and friends for a while, it leaves attention for truly conversing with the little guys and gals running around our living rooms and sneaking into our refrigerators.  

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