Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday: April 21st

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Another Tuesday! Today I finished tackling before we left for school. In fact, I did it while my daughter was in the shower! I tackled the dreaded...

Tupperware Cabinet!!!!

Before: A pile of tupperware, paper plates, plastic cups and lunch boxes was crammed inside this cabinet.  What makes it worse is that the cabinet is blind, so you access the 3 foot wide space from the 18 inch door opening.  Add to that the fact that this is the one cabinet that I don't have a child safety lock on.  Not good!

After: Lids matched to containers, cups neatly stacked!  I was hoping to discover a lost collection of tupperware in the back corner, but no luck!  It just goes to show that tupperware really does disappear like socks in the dryer!  Maybe I'll safety lock this cabinet too.  I better do it quick; otherwise, I'm certain it will be in disarray by the end of the week! 


Mrs. Haid said...

Good for you!

Such a source of stress at our house - finding matching lids and bowls. I think it would be a weekly Tackle It at my house.

I cleaned out the car while I fueled up today, all the time thinking "This could be my Tackle It Tuesday!)

Kelli England said...

Too funny, I should show you a pic of MY cabinet...It looks ALOT like yours did in the Before shot!!!!Glad to know that I am not alone!