Monday, April 20, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook



FOR TODAY, Monday, April 20th.
Outside My Window The sun is peeking over the hill behind my house.  Long shadows of tree trunks stripe across the grass.
I am thinking about how silent this house is in spite of two children who are awake.
I am thankful for this silence, even if it only lasts for another moment.
From the kitchen, breakfast dishes wait to be rinsed and filed away in the dishwasher.
I am wearing my "drop the kids off at school" outfit- athletic pants and a T-shirt.
I am creating photographs today.
I am reading "In Praise of Stay-At-Home Moms" by Dr. Laura Schlessinger.
I am hoping that this week is productive.  I need a productive week!
I am hearing little footsteps on the hardwood floor upstairs.
Around the house there is lots to do to recover from a weekend of house renovation- laundry, floors to mop, a bathroom to scrub.
One of my favorite things about this week is that I'm starting a regular walking-schedule with a friend!
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Edit Pictures, order pictures, complete my cabinets, tame the yard.
I am praying for guidance and patience, for the wisdom to be the friend, wife and mother God would desire me to be.
Here is picture thought I am sharing... 
New life is amazing to watch.  Our cat had kittens a week ago, on Easter.  Jewels is a reminder that I can trust my mommy instincts.


UKZoe said...

So glad I don't have to do the "drop the kids off at school" thing anymore. My eldest is now at local college and takes himself on bus.
Any youngest is now 14 and his school is walking distance from the house so he takes himself!

Mrs. Haid said...

Simple woman or simple daybook?

you are not simple!

MiNna said...

I really enjoy ur blog :)
Hi from Monterrey México