Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Re: Just Wondering

Ok, one day last week I asked how often you all cleaned under your fridges.  I just found out that moving a refrigerator is not as hard or dangerous as it seems to be.  I hadn't dared try to move the thing by myself in all the years in this house, but I finally decided I'd put it off long enough.  Guess what?  The entire stocked fridge moved as if it were on wheels!  No longer do I believe that my strapping husband needs to move it aside for me to keep the dust out or retrieve a toy that rolled under never to return!  Now I can put his muscles to use elsewhere-- maybe push mowing the lawn???


Kelli England said...

Hilarious!!!...Dont tell the hubby's that we can move it though, it gives me an excuse to get him off the couch!!!

Shasta said...

Wow! I rarely clean under my fridge and I've never tried to move it. Maybe I'll go out and push it around later! lol

Chrissy said...