Sunday, April 26, 2009

Random Thought: Whippoorwill

One of my top 10 favorite things about summer arrived early this evening and gave me a serious bout of summer fever!  A single whippoorwill serenaded me into the house this evening.  Growing up, I remember having going to bed before the sun went down in the summers, and while I was a little bummed to be missing the daylight, I loved- and still adore- the lullaby of the whippoorwill as I fell asleep!  

As many times as I wish we lived closer to civilization, I hope that my children grow up with the same appreciation for the nature around them.  While I can't stand the bees, the bugs, the possibility of poison ivy, and the 10 minutes drive to town, a walk through the dew sprinkled field at dusk or a pause in the driveway to take in more stars that I've seen anywhere else is all it takes to remind me that God has led us to our home in the stix.  What a wonderful way to grow up!


Mrs. Haid said...

I used to hear them, too, when we lived in town in STJ. However, I haven't heard one since my parents moved into the country, which is sort of ironic! I also haven't heard any in Columbia, and we live close to the stix. I wonder if they are more of a southern bird?

Molly said...

Such a fond memory for me as well :) living!