Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I've joined a couple online mommy networks- and have come across some fantastic fellow bloggers in the process- but the abbreviated lingo is out of control!  Here are a few that I've noticed.  Some I've deciphered, others I'm guessing about, and the rest have me completely confused even within context!

DH- dear husband?
SS- step son 
LO- Little one?
TTC- trying to conceive
PIOG- huh?
BF- breast fed
MIL/FIL- mother in law, father in law

Seriously, the list is endless.  Here's what my first sentence would read like in mommy forum language.

"I've joined a few OMN- and have come across some fantastic FBs in the process- but the AL is OOC."  

I find this whole element of the forums mildly amusing.  


Tina said...

i am very guilty of mil/fil- but the rest are kind of funny to me!

Mrs. Haid said...

DH can also be used as "dumb husband" too! Or, I guess for me, my husband is a DH and is named DH. Interesting...