Monday, April 6, 2009

Leap of Faith

When it comes to deciding to have babies, I am in awe of those parents who planned to have their first.  So far, my kids have all been happy accidents which comes mostly from trying to get natural family planning right! Now, we've successfully avoided pregnancy for over a year- Hooray!- and we're seriously looking at the option of one more child.  We're looking at timing because I've had two winter babies and was semi-miserable because of the weather, germs, and lack of sunny hours.  But more than that, I'm praying and trying to discern God's will in this.  I asked my husband last night, "If we could skip the baby stages and just have another 3 year old, how would you feel about another child in our family?"  It turns out, he and I are on the same page.  The only reservation we have about having another is the newborn stages.  I'm sure he remembers an irritable pregnant wife, hauling his butt upstairs in the middle of the night to stick a pacifier in a fussing mouth, and trying to figure out what the little squirmy bundle was screaming about.  I remember having to be available every 3 hours to nurse that little bundle causing mommy time to be put on hold until we introduced solid foods.  Oh, yes.  We remember!  We know all to well the cons of what we're considering.  We also know the rewards- the unconditional love that we get to share amongst our family, the enjoyment of watching our kids grow up to play together, the excitement of the holidays, and the comfort of knowing that we're creating a safety net for our children to rely on throughout their lives.  

The point to all this is that I have SUCH admiration for all you moms out that who were brave enough to decide to take the plunge into mommyhood!   I'm only now realizing what a commitment and leap of faith it is!


Chrissy said...

No planning here, either! :o) I'm sure most people think that we did since our three are exactly two years apart! But, no. God's timing just worked out that way!

Tina said...

We planned and planned and things worked out just as we hoped. but what would you expect from me??? I mean seriously ;)
I am excited to read more about your baby planning!

Ashley said...

Planning is great and all, but it doesn't always work out the way you plan it, (take it from us..._)so I say you've got a great set up Kelley...don't plan and let God do the planning!