Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just Wondering

Just out of curiosity:

How often do you move your refrigerator and clean underneath/behind it?


Chrissy said...

NEVER! But don't tell!

Ashley said...

Uh, yeah...when I'm getting ready to move or when I move in a new house?! LOL

Kelley said...

:-) Good, makes me feel better that we're going on 4 years here and I'm just now thinking it's a bit overdue!

Tina said...

Every 6 months :S
You are supposed to clean the coils every six months to keep the fridge running well, so we do it that often..... but our stove - I don't know that we have done that more than twice when we dropped stuff back there ?!

Mrs. Haid said...

I stick a vaccuum hose behind it pretty often and try to get in nooks and crannies when I sweep. Or if we spill something under the fridge, I try to clean as far back as possible.

But I we haven't moved it to a new spot in the 4 years since we bought our house/fridge.