Wednesday, April 8, 2009


It can drive a quiet natured woman to screaming hysterics.  It pierces through a room sharper than nails dragging slowly down a classroom chalkboard.  Those who live with it walk guarded, never knowing when it might emerge.  

8 year old attitude.

Me (after 2 weeks of requesting she get started on this project)- "Let me pass you the sticker letters and you stick them on the paper."

Daughter: "I want to use the shiny letters."

Me: "There aren't any shiny A's. You need A's for your title."

Daughter: "Why can't I just do it myself?!?"

Me: "You could have if you'd started this over spring break like I suggested.  Now it's past bedtime, so I need to help you go faster by handing you the stickers.  Let's go."

Daughter: "I'm going to tell Ms. R everything.  I'm going to tell her that you wouldn't let me use the shiny letters and that you handed them to me.  She'll give me a bad grade, and it'll be all your fault!" 

Me: "Stop sassing.  If you do it again, you'll be in the naughty spot."

Daughter: "But..." Whine, whine whine...

Me: "Ok, set in the naughty spot, I'm setting the timer."

8 minutes later...

Me: "You have until 9:30 to finish your book report.  Then you're going to bed, finished or not."

Daughter under her breath: "Fine, but if I get a zero, it's going to be your fault."

I had stopped using time out as this one became a tween, but it's made a come back recently around our house.  I use it for my 3 year old, so I think the combination of the longer time (8 minutes is forever!) and the fact that she's sentenced to the baby's naughty corner really irks her.  Good. I'm irked by the constant shirking of responsibility.  By the blame that is placed on anyone and everyone but her.  By her seeming blindness to her ability take control of her tasks.  By the boundary pushing, arguing, and assumption that she has equal say in this house.  By her attempted use of guilt to get what she wants.  Grr...  Anyone else feel like taking up kickboxing?  If you don't, your kids probably aren't 8 yet.  My game plan is to pray that this is yet another phase that must be beat (figuratively), be consistent yet open to new discipline ideas, and pray some more that we come out the other side of this still gabbing about what boy she thinks is cute in her class.  


Ashley said...

Bless your heart! Thank you for your honest makes me feel a bit better about a few moments in my home! :0)

Chrissy said...

No, no,'re supposed to tell me it gets EASIER when they get! ;o) I realize new challenges come with every age. I guess we've gotta have our game face on for 18 years, huh? the additional years as the next ones a long time to endure such things! :o)