Wednesday, April 29, 2009

From the Mouths of 8-year-old Girls

There are 24 3rd graders at my daughters school, and most of them have attended since preschool.  It's a close-as-siblings type group... if you know what I mean!  Two of the girls in the class have planned parties for the same Saturday.  One is my daughters BFF, and the other is her very close friend who carpools with us.  This was the conversation I overheard about the BFF.

From the girls in the backseat in carpool:

Girl:  "I hate to say this, but most people don't really like Angela."

My Daughter:  "I know.  I don't know why."

Girl:  "Well... she lies.  Like when she said her Grandpa was in World War II.  I just don't believe that.  And then she didn't even believe me that my mom went to the North Pole to see Santa!"

I was silently rolling in the driver's seat.  I couldn't even compose myself enough to reprimand them for gossiping.  Apparently, my child learned younger than most (at 6) the truths about Santa and his posse!


Holly Rutchik said...

oh my goodness! YOu just brought a smile to my face, and gave me a little scare all at once! Thus far, the Lord has blessed me with 2 little girls--12 months apart. They are 17 months and 5 months. I guess I am really in for it.

I love your blog! I'll keep reading.

Yours in Christ,

Ashley said...

Seriously? 6?! I might only have 2 more years?! This makes my heart sad!!!