Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day in the Life

Daily Routine of this stay-at-home mom:

* Up at 6:30 to start the school-day preparations.  

* 7:15: Pack the kids in the car and either drop my 3rd grader at carpool or pick up the carpool girls and deliver the set of them to school.  

* Back at home, I usually start a movie while I get the little ones breakfast.  This gives me the opportunity to take a quick shower and MAYBE fix my hair.  

* Baths for the little ones

* Play time- toys, Play-Do, books, blocks, etc. for the kids; house work for me between playing with the kids

* Lunch

* Baby's nap time/quiet time (usually or outside play for my 3-year-old.  

* 2:30-3:00 leave for school dismissal 

* 4:00: back home, kids play outside, Mom cleans or gets ready for dinner

* Homework

* Dinner

* Homework/bed time preparation

* 8:00-8:30 bed time

* Until 10:00-10:30- mommy time or hubby time depending on whether or not he's home from work.

** When the house renovation is complete, I'll start running again on the evenings when Daddy comes home before dark!  I loose this ability during the winter when it's dark long before he gets home, so I'm very excited to have this time back!  For now, I've been trying to sneak it in when I can with little success.  

That's a typical day with no extra to-do's or kid-friendly trips.  In reality, we have gymnastics, church, and voice lessons scattered through our evenings, too.  I'm still searching for a way to work a family dinner into that mix!

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