Monday, March 23, 2009

Abort Mission

Ah, Spring Break.  I love you, I loathe you!  This morning, while paying bills online, I was accused by my 8-year-old spring-breaker of valuing the computer over spending time with my kids.  I considered two interpretations of this comment.  1:  It was only Monday, and already she was feeling bored out of her mind.  2: This was her toe-the-line way of telling me to scoot so that she could dive head first into!  Yesterday, I had shared with my daughter that today would be a business day.  We would clean bedrooms, do the laundry, pay bills, run the week's errands and so forth in order to leave the rest of the week for fun.  At 6:30 AM, I was awakened by a brother-sister cleaning team in the kids' room.  By 10:30, when I was in the midst of balancing checkbooks and paying student loans, the two of them, along with my 16-month-old, had reached their cooperation limit.  After ten more minutes of whining and bickering, I aborted my mission and resigned myself to a cluttered house for the day-- maybe the week.  

During nap time, I sent the older two out to play and finalized the week's plan:

Tuesday: lazy morning, picnic lunch (weather pending), yard work/sidewalk chalk during nap time, visit Great-Grandma, mother-daughter night out
Wednesday:  go to the city with Grandma to run errands, dinner with Daddy, stay at Day's Inn with an indoor pool, kids' pool, and padded indoor playground ($52 after taxes!)
Thursday: Cahokia Mounds with Grandma
Friday-Saturday:  house renovation
Sunday: Mass, re-organize for school, get to bed early

That's right, no housework on the schedule.  After an afternoon trip to Wal-Mart, we spent the evening kite-flying and hiking with the double-jogging stroller.  After the little ones were bathed and tucked into bed, I morphed into nail technician and produced a manicure that would excite any 3rd grader, complete with glitter and flower decals.  Now if we could just manage to keep the dirt from beneath them... 

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